#A to Z: Bodensee

This is the Bavarian town of Lindau, on the Bodensee, a long lake that touches Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The historic village is on an island full of medieval and half-timbered buildings. Boat tours leave the small harbor, with that spectacular view of Austria, Switzerland and the Alps across the lake.

For the #AtoZChallenge: Letter B


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  1. Looks so spectacular. You said you have medieval buildings there — are they sort of castles?

    Name: Andy
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    #AtoZChallenge Theme: Chinese Adventure
    Topic for “B”‪: Bāxiān guòhǎi (八仙过海 Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea)‬

    Read more about that popular Chinese story in my #AtoZChallenge: Chinese Adventure on coolkidandy.wordpress.com.

      1. I’ve been doing another flash fiction challenge set by someone else and just wondered if I could manage it setting them myself, I’m doing ok so far but there are some difficult letters nearer the end of the alphabet 🙂

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