Kirlian Fingers

kirlian2It felt ludicrous, to place my hand

beneath the thick black cloth,

fingers on a metal plate,

voodoo to reproduce the

energy that flows through me.

I’d been told it’s blue, my aura,

luminous halo that surrounds

us all, and hovers above

the painted Jesus, fuels

the dreams of mystics, encourages

the larcenies of con men.

I laughed when the psychic fair

technologist retrieved my hand.

Five fingertips, bright blue,

encircled by glowing white.

It means clarity of expression,

strong faith, and once in a while,

clairvoyance. It was a lark for me,

and I restrained the giggle.

Still, my Celtic roots vibrated,

pushing me to wonder.

That snapshot stayed beside my bed

for years, consulted whenever I felt

the urge for confirmation that

photo-proof of the paranormal

is only superstition.


Discovered accidentally by Semyon Davidovich Kirlian in 1939, Kirlian photography is essentially contact photography, which involves direct contact of the subject with a charged metal plate.

Kirlian photography is bunk,

Or . . . Kirlian photography is legitimate.

Daily Prompt: Superstition

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