Trust – Tale of an Uncle

I suppose I wasn’t thinking how much I trusted my uncle when he threw me a long way off the end of a dock into the cold water of Lake Huron when I was seven. He was right to do it.

The dock belonged to my grandmother’s fishing lodge, and we were in and out of the water almost every summer day. It wasn’t safe to be a lackadaisical swimmer like me.

The added problem for my uncle, who was in charge of nine of us, was that I was the only cousin who couldn’t swim well enough to be of use. I was also lazy. So he picked me up off the dock one day, told me to take a breath, and tossed.

I panicked, sank, choked, regained the surface and screamed at my uncle. He laughed. And because I trusted him, and respected him, I giggled too. That summer I bucked up, and got my stroke. But I always remember that giggle, the falling away of the panic, a great lesson in trust.

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