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  1. Where is that lock? It looks old enough to date from 17th Century France, the Grand Canal of Languedoc. It was the first one with lift locks ever built, the life’s work of a French tax collector, amateur engineer, Pierre Paul Riquet, who conceived of a great plan to help his native Languedoc area in southern France. His idea was to build a canal connecting the Bay of Biscay on the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean. The big problem, besides buying up the land along the planned route, was the difference in elevation. So he came up with the idea of lift locks. History teaches us much about wars, battles, kings and queens and conquerors and their now-fallen empires. But it tells us little about such true heroes who devote their lives to to the greater good of their community. That’s the reason, by the way, why France was once the leading canal-building country in the world. It all goes back to him. He received little if any financial backing from the government of Louis XIV, though it approved the project. Riquet used his own resources as best he could to buy up land and finance the work, but never lived to see its completion. His son carried on and finished it after his father’s death. It is now know as the Canal du Midi. By the way, Wikipedia doesn’t give Riquet the credit he deserves.

    1. I didn’t know any of that, thank you. The photo is a slice of the “old” Welland Canal in Niagara, before they built the new one. But you’re right. It has the look of an old European waterway, agreed.

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