#FOWC – Meditate

We need to construct a memory, a film or USB drive,
for the missing snaps and postcards,
ribbons from your horse shows,
baubles from the fair, (absent the soup-making, please)
surprises sister, you were good at those.

We need to invert ourselves, so you love fishing,
I hate pool, and the cleaning splits, drinks pour,
and no ugly hurtful little pointed toy things land on stairs.
Why is there so much dredge in old drawers anyway?

We need to buck the music, that discordant spine
which danced us ’til we got an answer, never true.
Those drums. Did the dogs not hear?
You ran off one Easter with a suitcase, or was it me?

We need to lose that air, clear from the lake albeit,
but puddled in our lungs, so cruelly laden
with the sweetest scents, to test us. We never passed.
It is long over and we gasp for breathing still.

We need to meditate on memory,
for the missing snaps and postcards,
pages from a quarto, tickets from a shrine,
up the scrabbled cliff face,
redemption, you were good at that.

For Fandango’s one-word challenge, here.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

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