Goodness goes viral: Fort McMurray


I’m sure it happens this way in other parts of the world but on days like this, I’m so appreciative of the Canadian way. “Humanity’s best efforts made real,” wrote the Toronto Star of the endless help provided to 80,000 people evacuated from the oil sands city of Fort McMurray, savaged by an uncontrollable forest fire. Most had to drive through a corridor of fire to get out. More than 1,600 have lost their homes. God bless the firefighters and the evacuees.

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  1. Is there a dislike button regarding the fire? “Like” Canadians helping Canadians. We find that in a lot of places in the States, too, which always restores my belief that at their basest, most people are good and will help each other. My thoughts go with those who are losing everything but the clothes on their backs. It is truly a desperate situation.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. You are right that almost everyone is at their best when others need help, which everyone who lived in Fort McMurray certainly does now.

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