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  1. I LOVE your Haiku! Beautiful imagery, perfect syllable counts in each line, just absolutely gorgeous! There has been an increased interest in Haiku recently but there are many bloggers who do not know about, or care about, adhering to the strict syllable 3-line format that they erroneously call Haiku. I’ve been posting some as well, and most of mine are not about the usual nature-themed haiku that is the traditional Japanese form. That is because a Michigan state-wide chain of newspapers has been asking for entries from their readers about a variety of subjects that are in the Haiku form. They have printed at least three of mine, yay! Yours are wonderful, thank you for sharing them!

    1. That’s so interesting about the newspaper call for entries. Lovely to hear that it’s happening. Congrats on getting yours printed. And thank you for your encouragement. Feedback means a lot.

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