Throwing off the veil

Throwing off the veil,
discarding the hijab
brings wind to the hair,
but also terror, in Iran,
where uniformity is
deemed egalitarian
(not true) and power
relies on oppression.

RDP terror / YDWordPrompt veil / FOWC uniformity

Photo above, from the project: My Stealthy Freedom. Amsterdam-based photographer Marinka Masséus travelled to Iran, where it is mandatory for women to wear the hijab. The series, in which women defiantly throw their veils in the air, was created in a Tehran apartment with the windows covered in tinfoil to conceal the flash. “I applaud the right for any woman to wear the hijab as she chooses,” says Masséus.“But many Iranian women hate compulsory hijab – they see it as a symbol of oppression.”

See The Guardian article about the series, and more photos, here.

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