#WeekendCoffeeShare: 5/7/16

kayak-blogIt’s here at last, the day my kayak gets launched into the deep blue water of Georgian Bay.  If we were having coffee, I would walk you down to the shore, where you could dip your feet into that calmness while I heft my 13-foot craft over the edge of the dock.

The wooden planks would still be pliable from the moisture of the wicked, blowy winters here, but toasty today from the rising spring warmth.

You would not see fish yet. They will not butt their ugly whiskered snouts up against the pilings in the water for a month or so, when the water warms, but you would definitely hear the little frogs, the peepers in the nearby marsh, hundreds of them emitting that distinctive, high-pitched trilling.

You and I would drink our coffee from battered insulated cups (i have them by the dozen for waterside moments like this) while watching Canada geese, swans, cormorants and screaming seagulls flash above us.

But I would admit to you I’m a bit preoccupied for in-depth conversation, since the sight of my kayak finally sitting in the water makes me yearn to be afloat.

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    1. Waterside, or outside, is my favourite place to drink a great cup of coffee too. Even a patio in the city will do! Thank you for stopping by.

  1. How fun with your kayak! Where has it been since now? We got our boats in the water in April, when the ice finally melted 🙂 It’s been lovely and summery in Finland, so lots of fun for boating so far. I wish you great kayaking weather!

  2. I understand about needing to get into the boat. This winter was weird and I was able to kayak at least once a month this year. Sure, I wore some pretty heavy clothing, but I made it out. Two weeks ago it was finally nice kayaking weather so I was able to do some major paddles. I hope you have a great time on the water!

    1. Well I would have worn heavy clothing too if it got me in the water in winter, but even though the season was milder than usual, it was still way too cold. Nice to meet another kayaker. Thanks for stopping.

  3. Incredible scenery, thank you for sharing! I plan to purchase a kayak soon.. I can’t wait for summer!

  4. I hope you have a lovely time in your kayak! Hopefully the weather keeps up. It looks like you have a lovely little bit of water to explore on!

  5. Thank you for a very beautiful post and sharing your coffee, I am all nostalgic for a time I sat by a bay overlooking a great lake.

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