Weekly Photo Challenge: Face


Look at those faces, reflecting my own, great-grandfather John far right, great-great-grandfather Thomas at the centre, patriarch, founder of a farming family eight generations long. I was lucky to know my great-grandfather, a learned man who frightened me only once, with a lesson about the realities of farm living when he showed me a chicken with its head chopped off will run around the barnyard, spurting blood from its gyrating neck, for a considerable time before falling over, finally dead.




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  1. Yes, my Dad did the same with our chooks (we Aussies refer to chickens as chooks. We’re a little odd I guess. LOL). It amazed me that that could happen and the chook still be running around. As for your photo — it always strikes me how people dressed so much better for family photos or life in general. I’m kind of happy I don’t have to wear a suit everywhere, especially in this scorching climate in Australia. 🙂

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